Student volunteer staff recruitment

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Recruit volunteer staff of students who can support the Foundation’s activities in NWF match
To you.
In the Foundation, people with wisdom, mono, to collect things, and sent, and the activities to support
Through and to create new values ​​commensurate with today’s era, Ikube by creating a future after 100 years
and yellow, and we will take action.

To increase your own wisdom, has a contact with society, approval as an opportunity to create a new society
It would be appreciated.

Upon exploring a “now need wisdom”, students of knowledge and skills, the experience
We will wait for the person who He will cheer the NWF activities by leveraging.

First person to want to hear the story, please feel free to contact us.

※ transportation expenses paid (with limits)

-Period / frequency: Please let me be consulted while taking into account your circumstances and skills
· Requirements:
(1) activities to those who can and empathy of NWF
(2) actively If you take the communication
(3) If you can basic computer operation

And business content:
(1) Event of management assistance, which will be held at a frequency of 1 month
(2) lighting assistant business articles that originated in the WEB site
(3) WEB site update work assistant business
(4) Other Foundation operations associated work

Please Past activity history see here.

· Participate benefits:
(1) Touch wisdom to people and things that have to give the opportunity for greater wisdom and knowledge of its own
(2) while gaining experience in non-profit type corporation, and to contribute to society, In other new society and values
I get to learn to come
(3) can have a new network of contacts and connections

· Application of flow

Below top of description, and contact a NWF Secretariat e-mail address ( addressed

· Contact name
· Phonetic
School name / grade
Mail address
Telephone number
Street address
· Motivation to participate in volunteer
– You have the skills, experience
· How did you know the activities of NWF