Share Our Wisdoms “SOW(Let seed of the future)” Presenter and guest listener decision

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NWF is now such people and the project As we move the society “sowing to support (= SOW) first installment of the project”.

As a program to support the efforts that have wisdom, such as to contribute to a better society, make the kick-off event on February 13.

And divided into presenter and listener, to presenter announced, guest listener makes human resources and wisdom, money, etc. brush up of ideas, it is salon session to perform the two-way interactive exchange.

I will recruit people to participate as a listener (viewers) to this event. Your listeners that listen to the wisdom that proposal from each presenter, of course, you can also join to put the support that I can do with sticky notes.

■ 1 part: presentation
• 6 minutes presentation
• 3 minutes of questions and answers (30 seconds question, 30 seconds answer)
• 1 minute listener notes
■ 2 part Mingle time
• the story of presenters listener hears individually
■ 3 parts announcement of the final presentation = action
• listener Announces future action with supporters of presenter

○ 2 single policy of carrying participation

①Co-player: side to the presentation (presenter), listen to side (listener) both be a player
The ② middle exit prohibited: consider to be significant to participate consistently


■ listener Fee: 500 yen


■ presenter

○ Hyogo Harima next-generation poultry who through the “Hyogo and in taste” revival project with agricultural high school training and regional activity project
Ltd. birds climate Institute representative bird directors Miyatake Hiroshimigi like


○ Made in Japan to create a Made with Japan to over foreign students from, new Japan of the future

Active connectors, Inc. CEO / Founder Asami like Matsumoto


○ women of the “Wish” to “Doing”

Student organizations Prouge representative Komatsu Miki like


○ entrepreneur Haishutsu project through WILLFU STARTUP ACADEMY & VILLAGE

Ltd. U~irufu President Kuroishi Kentaro like

The local creation by


○ “local venture × Tokyo Venture”
Ltd. Nishiawakura Mori of school representative director Maki Daisuke like

Bloom the possibility of life


○nutrition is not enough now

General Foundation Alliance Forum Foundation developing countries Division Enterprise Partnership Deputy Program Manager Ota Yumiko like


○ the industry in developing countries is “Feel Peace” project

NPO IFE representative director Masayuki mountain road like


○Things to do in 2015 = postwar ’70

Ltd. Generation Eleven Pictures Kamata Yusuke like


■ guest listener

○ wings Takuya like (Ltd. Active Learning President CEO)
○ Kajikawa Takuya like (general Foundation Japan Thanksgiving Secretary General)
○ Urabe Shinichiro like (Corporation Corporate Direction partners)
○ Onuma Yoshihisa like (Corporation next management Division Management Planning Group length)
○ Iwai Shunsuke like (creative director)
○ Konishi Toshiyuki like (POOL inc. CEO & Creative Director)
○ Shibano SatoshiMasashi like (Cafe Company Ltd. Senior Managing Director)
○ Takashi Inoue (Co. next President)
○ Kusumoto Shujiro Mr. (Cafe Company Ltd. Representative Director)
○ Sato large Shingo Mr. (general Foundation Japan Thanksgiving representative director)

(In no particular order ※ presenter, guest listener might be subject to change)