In NWF, and is looking for a fundraising (donation). Fundraising is not only raise money, that you can do with your own abilities and skills, like to stay introduce a support person, including such as our customers ideas, partners who can sympathy and understanding to the Foundation of philosophy and activities thank you for your cooperation as.

The funds gathered to meet the spirit of the Foundation, for example one and having the will likely wisdom disappear over time, you will be now used for your support of individuals, etc., such as organizations and young people and organizations that work with a wisdom .

What is to be done with the donation

  1. organizing our events

  2. transmitting articles related to wisdom

  3. supporting organizations and individuals
    who are operating their activities
    with having wisdom

  4. operation fee for this foundation

Support the foundation through donation

We raise funds for our activities through the site called “JapanGiving”.